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Who is Boise Muffler

About Our Company

Boise Muffler is the brand of choice when in comes to premier exhaust systems and auto repair. Our mechanics have years of experience catering to the needs of our Treasure Valley customers. We specialize in full service muffler repair shop, new muffler installation, and catalytic convertors replacement. Upon request, we even offer free vehicle pickup and delivery within Boise and Garden City city limits. Whether you are looking to upgrade the exhaust system in your favorite ride, or need repairs done on your current exhaust systems, Boise Muffler Shop is trained and ready to assist you.

Who is Boise Muffler?
Who is Boise Muffler

Our Service Plans To Meet All Your Demands

Below are a few car repairs and auto maintenance services performed at the auto repair shop in Garden City. Car repairs from small oil leaks to complete engine overhauls or motor replacements are provided.

install custom exhaust kits

Repair/Replace exhaust System

free pickup/Drop Service upon Request


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